Getting a Lot Out of a Little Food

How to make yogurt in 5 easy steps |
Believe it not, it’s super easy to make yogurt! I started making my own yogurt when I was in high school. Back then, the method I […]

How to Make Yogurt in 5 Easy Steps

Don't toss them! There are great uses for citrus peels |
If you eat a lot of fruit like I do, you are going to end up with a ton of peels. Don’t toss them out! There are […]

Great Uses for Citrus Peels

Bringing your lunch to work can save you hundreds of dollars a year! |
In my last post, I talked about bringing coffee and/or water with you on your commute to work, and how doing that can save you […]

Pack Lunch for Work

You can save tons of money by bringing your own beverage to work or when you go shopping |
No, not that kind of beverage! By “Bring Your Own Beverage”, I mean water, coffee or tea. In the car. To work or when you […]

Bring Your Own Beverage

Make your own pizza in under 20 minutes | |
You know what’s expensive? Pizza. Around here, one pizza goes for at least $8.00 – and that’s a special price run Monday-Thursday. When I used […]

Make Your Own Pizza

4 easy ways to stop wasting food | |
Have you ever found a container at the back of the fridge that you couldn’t quite identify what the contents were because it looked like […]

Stop Wasting Food!

Save hundreds of dollars in groceries by cooking from scratch | Cooking From Scratch | |
Cooking from scratch is probably the best way to save hundreds of dollars a year. There is very little that I don’t make from scratch, […]

Cooking From Scratch

How to Save Money on Groceries |
Honestly, I hate grocery shopping. But buying food is a necessity, so I might as well save a ton of money while I shop! My […]

How to Save Money on Groceries

Chive blossom vinegar is easy to make and gives salads a subtle onion flavour | |
The clumps of chives in the herb garden will flower soon, and I will be using them to make chive blossom vinegar. This gorgeous pale […]

Chive Blossom Vinegar

The Easy Way to Bake Bread - for less than a dollar a loaf! | |
Nothing beats the taste of homemade bread. And the smell of it baking? Mmmmmm. Did you know that you can easily bake your own bread – […]

The Easy Way to Bake Your Own Bread

Jambalaya is easy to make! | |
With Mardi Gras coming up next week, how about a great jambalaya recipe? Jambalaya is easy to make, and it’s such a versatile recipe! Just about anything […]


Need a quick snack for the big game? Make these super easy herbed crackers | |
Need a quick snack to make for a Super Bowl party? Here’s an easy recipe using purchased oyster crackers. Be sure to make enough, because […]

Herbed Crackers

Making a frittata is super easy, and it's just like a quiche - without the crust! | | Frittata Recipe
Making a frittata is super easy, and it’s just like a quiche – without the crust!  This one is a version that I call Western Omelette […]

Frittata Recipe