Leftover Sauerkraut Solution

Why is opening up a small can of sauerkraut like opening up a huge can of WhoopAss? It’s as if the stuff expands as soon as the air hits it!

What to do with leftover sauerkraut

So when you find that there is far too much to use, freeze the extra in an ice cube tray!

You can find ice cube trays at the dollar store. When the sauerkraut is frozen, pop the cubes into a freezer bag and label the bag with a Sharpie so you remember what it is*.

Just microwave one or two cubes for 60 seconds, and they are perfect for a Reuben or a hotdog!

*I always label everything that goes into the freezer because there was that one time when I didn’t. I was leading a workshop for kids, and we were making paper in one of the lessons. At the end of the lesson, I put the leftover paper pulp into a plastic tub and stuck it in the freezer to use for the next group.

I had also used a container just like it for freezing (unlabeled) mashed potatoes.

Guess who grabbed a container out of the freezer in the morning before work, and thawed out a tub of paper pulp for dinner?

Lesson. Learned.