Best Ever Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I love mashed potatoes. Drenched in gravy. Mmmmmm. Once I started making garlic mashed potatoes with the secret ingredient described below, there was no going back to just plain potatoes.

How to Make the Best Ever Garlic Mashed Potatoes

For this recipe, I am using 4 – 5 decent size, regular white potatoes (roughly 4″ long and 3″ wide). Adjust the recipe according to how many servings you need, and the sizes of the potatoes you are using.

Peel the potatoes

If you are using new or red potatoes, you can leave them unpeeled, but scrub them well before dicing. For white potatoes, dice them into cubes – about an inch or so square. I have found that this will speed up cooking time. As you dice them, put them into cold water in a sauce pan. The cold water will keep them from turning grey, which looks pretty gross. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was making potato pancakes years ago. Imagine grey potato pancakes. Never mind, don’t do that! That’s a pretty unappetizing visual.

Boil the diced potatoes till soft


Drain the potatoes

Add minced garlic

Add minced garlic

How much garlic you use depends on how well you like garlic. I also admit to using the minced stuff from a jar. Horrors! I use garlic a LOT, and it is a real time-saver for me.

For this recipe, I added a heaping dinner fork full.

Now add the secret ingredient

Add cream cheese

A chunk of cream cheese. Yep. No milk, no butter, just cream cheese. Here I am adding a piece that is about 1″ thick and the width of the block in the package of cheese.

Beat everything together at a low speed

Beat at low speed

I don’t like my mashed potatoes too lumpy, so I will use the electric beater until they are fairly smooth. Adjust the time of beating to suit your preference, or you can use a masher and do it by hand if you like a lumpier texture.

TIP: You can see that I do all this with the bowl in the sink, because sometimes the beater splashes bits of mashed potato everywhere. Who wants to be scraping mashed potatoes off the wall anyway?

Add salt & pepper if you like.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Chicken Gravy

Mmmmmm. Garlic mashed potatoes and homemade chicken gravy.

Side Note:

The Revere copper-bottom cookware set I use daily is almost 40 years old! I highly recommend these. I also have their set of mixing bowls, which are pretty much indestructible. (Nope, Revere didn’t pay me to say that, but below is an affiliate link where you can get them on Amazon.)