I live in a cute little 100+ year old house in southern Connecticut. My parents bought the house in 1950, and it’s been in the family ever since. Both of them went through the Depression and WWII and learned how to “make do” at an early age. It is from them that I learned a lot of the things I do on a daily basis.

A part property is a vegetable garden that my dad tended. He taught me the difference between a weed and a carrot seedling when I was about 4 years old, and I have been gardening ever since. In the mid-90s, I become a State of CT Certified Master Gardener. I worked as a florist for years, and eventually opened my own florist shop, and now I am restoring the flower gardens that my mom loved so much.

When I was 11, my cousin taught me how to make my own clothes. A few years ago, I began drafting my own sewing & knitting patterns, designing clothes and creating my own textile designs with remnants and discontinued fabrics, which makes each piece unique.

I taught floral design for 10 years and landscape design for 2 years with Milford Adult Education, and in 2014, I began teaching Sewing/Garment Construction. I have done workshops & lectures in floral design and/or working with herbs and edible flowers for Gilbertie’s Herb Farm, the Orange Garden Club, the Laurel Beach Association and Milford Fine Arts Council. In addition to my own florist shop, my designs were sold at Milford Fine Arts Council’s juried craft shows and Holiday Boutiques, as well as four consecutive years of Christmas in the Mansion, an annual event sponsored by Lauralton Hall.