Make an Easter basket using real grass |
I wanted to make zero-waste, no-candy Easter baskets for my friends, and really wanted to avoid using that yucky cellophane grass. The solution? Real grass! […]

Make an Easter Basket with Real Grass!

Spring is almost here, and all the stores are filled with pretty wreaths and decorations for Easter. I saw an Easter egg wreath similar to this […]

Easter Egg Wreath

Did you know that you can easily bake your own bread - for less than a dollar a loaf?
Nothing beats the taste of homemade bread. And the smell of it baking? Mmmmmm. Did you know that you can easily bake your own bread – […]

The Easy Way to Bake Your Own Bread

How to make roses from cardboard egg cartons
Need a quick gift? How about a candle ring or wreath made with upcycled egg carton roses! This is an easy project with fantastic results. […]

How to Make Egg Carton Roses

No need to wait until Mardi Gras! Jambalaya is easy to make, and it’s such a versatile recipe! Just about anything can go into it. […]


Herbed crackers
Need a quick snack to make for a Super Bowl party? Here’s an easy recipe using purchased oyster crackers. Be sure to make enough, because […]

Herbed Crackers

Make your own pattern weights with hex nuts
When using commercial sewing patterns, you will find that the tissue easily rips when it is pinned to the fabric.  Pattern weights are a great alternative to […]

Make Your Own Pattern Weights

Late winter through early spring is the time for starting seeds indoors! |
Here in in southern New England, late winter through early spring is the time for starting seeds indoors! My first priority is to get some vegetable […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

Guide to buying your first sewing machine
Sewing machines look complicated, don’t they?  And the prices can range from under $100 to thousands of dollars.  Choosing your first machine can be confusing, […]

A Guide to Buying Your First Sewing Machine

How you can build a timeless and classic capsule wardrobe | |
No matter what your lifestyle, every woman needs a capsule wardrobe. Those basic, go-to items that you can build your entire wardrobe around. How to […]

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Today, we are going to go clothes shopping…..IN your closet! If you went through your closet as discussed in yesterday’s post, you now have only […]

Shop Your Closet – Part 2