Great Uses for Citrus Peels

If you eat a lot of fruit like I do, you are going to end up with a ton of peels. Don’t toss them out! There are great uses for citrus peels!

Citrus peels

How to use citrus peels

The three citrus fruits that I save zest from are oranges, lemons and limes.

I do a lot of cooking from scratch, and there are so many recipes that require zest.


Before I cut up the fruit, I use a Microplane to remove the zest from oranges, lemons and limes. You can use a regular grater, but the Microplane is light, easy to use, and no scraped fingers! And it goes into the dishwasher when you are done. I just got mine a few years ago, and don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner.

Remove only the part of the peel that has colour – not the white pith of the fruit. When you are done getting all the zest off the fruit, bag it in a freezer bag and label it with the contents and date. Now you will always have zest on hand when you need it!

Once the zest is removed, the fruit is still firm enough to slice into wedges for tea, fish or that lime wedge for your Corona.

Orange zest

My most-used zest is from oranges. I use it to make Sloppy Joe mix from scratch and yummy Orange-Pecan Rolls. There are also cookie recipes that call for orange zest, like the Spritz cookies my family makes for Christmas. And cranberry orange bread. Having a bag of it in the freezer means that I can make these recipes without running to the store for the ONE orange that the recipe calls for.

Zesting an orange with a Microplane

Lemon zest

Another favourite is lemon zest. Want a quick, delicious lemon frosting? Just add a little lemon zest to some vanilla frosting! A little lemon zest is a great addition when you are cooking fish. And then there is lemon poppy seed bread, lemon Spritz cookies, lemon cheesecake….ok, now I’m hungry!

Lime zest

I love Key lime pie, and a little lime zest is a beautiful and tasty finishing touch. It’s also great for beef fajitas and ceviche.

Citrus household cleaner

Household cleaner

Once all the zest is removed, and I have either made juice or cut up the fruit for fruit cocktail, I still have a use for the remaining peels!

This is a great use for grapefruit peels. Remove the fruit pulp from the peels, and put the peels in a big glass jar. I use gallon-sized jars that held maraschino cherries back when I was bartending. (Wow. Those jars are old!) Once you get the jar at least half filled with peels, cover them with white vinegar. If the jar lid is metal, be sure to cover the opening of the jar with a doubled piece of waxed paper or plastic wrap before you screw on the top. You don’t want the metal to come in contact with the vinegar.

Let this mixture set for a few weeks, and occasionally shake the jar to move the peels around in the vinegar. Once your “brew” is done, strain it through cheesecloth into a clean glass jar. Keep those vinegar-soaked peels!

I save spray bottles to use to hold small amounts of this cleaner, and keep one handy in the bathroom. The cleaner is great on bathroom tile, and when I had the tile installed, it was recommended that I use vinegar to clean the shower stall and the floor tile.


Now that you have gotten a few uses from those citrus peels, it’s time for their final destination – the compost bin!

3 thoughts on “Great Uses for Citrus Peels

  • The Nova Studio

    We actually throw the peels in our mulch. We have a toddler who loves to play out there…and neighborhood cats that love to poop in it D: But the EO in the orange peel tends to persuade the cats to find a more discreet place to do their business!

    • Donna Post author

      Gee – making your own household cleaner is so cost effective, and the best part is that there are no harmful chemicals.

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