Make Your Own Pattern Weights

When using commercial sewing patterns, you will find that the tissue easily rips when it is pinned to the fabric.  Pattern weights are a great alternative to pins!

Make your own pattern weights

What you will need: 

Pattern weights supplies

When I was picking out the hex nuts at the store, some guy walking by asked, “And what are you going to use those for?” (As if I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.)

Being the smart ass that I am, I answered, “Sewing” and grabbed the box of hex nuts and walked away.

He’s probably still standing in the aisle with a very confused look on his face.


How to make the pattern weights:

  • Cut a length of yarn about 36″ long. The weights pictured were made using a cotton DK weight yarn.
  • Thread a large yarn needle with a single strand of your yarn. Using a needle makes this so much easier than trying to poke the yarn through the hex nut over and over.
  • Wrap the yarn around and around the hex nut, overlapping so the metal does not show.
  • Keep wrapping until the entire hex nut is covered.
  • Clip the yarn so the end is in the center of the hex nut, and secure it with a drop of crazy glue.

That’s it!!!

I’ve seen these selling for $15 for a set of 4 weights!

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    • Donna Post author

      Pattern weights are the BEST! I’ve never used washi tape before. How did it work for the weights?

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