Shop Your Closet – Part 2

Today, we are going to go clothes shopping…..IN your closet!

If you went through your closet as discussed in yesterday’s post, you now have only the clothes that you really love, fit well, and look good on you. Let’s see what we can do with them!

Sort clothes into groups

Sort through what you have and group the pieces –

  1.   pants
  2.   skirts
  3.   tops
  4.   jackets
  5.   dresses

Now comes the fun part!

You will need:

  • a full length mirror
  • good lighting
  • do your hair as if you were going out (the “why” explained in this post)
  • have pantyhose and trouser socks ready
  • paper and pencil and/or a smartphone

Try it all on

Start with a pair of pants or skirt – whichever is your preference. Put that on, along with the shoes that you would normally wear with it.

Piece by piece, try on all your tops with that ONE skirt or pair of pants. Yep. ALL of them.

Experiment with different combinations

  • Try the top tucked in;
  • now over the pants/skirt and belted;
  • now without a belt.
  • With a tank top and a jacket or sweater.
  • Try to keep an open mind, and go out of your comfort zone with something a little different that what you would normally pair up. Of course, some will be totally disastrous combinations, but others…they might just surprise you!
  • Try a different pair of shoes or boots with those combinations.
  • Add a belt (even if it isn’t the right colour.)
  • A scarf.
  • Jewelry.

When you find a new combination that works, write it down and/or take a picture of yourself with your phone.

Take note of items you need to complete the look

In that new combination, did you find that you might only need a new belt to make that whole thing really come together? Jot that item down on page 3 of this printable Shopping Checklist (click to download).

  • Move on to the next pair of pants or skirt and repeat the same process. Keep doing this until you have gone through every piece of clothing you own.
  • For dresses, try something different and put a sweater over the dress – so now it looks like a skirt and sweater. How does it look?

How many new combinations did you discover as you shopped your own closet?

Did you find that your wardrobe needs a complete overhaul?

Or do you need to build a whole new wardrobe for a new career, lifestyle or because you gained or lost weight?

We’ll go into that in the next post. But don’t go shopping yet!

One thought on “Shop Your Closet – Part 2

  • Julie

    I like this; I think there’s value in re-evaluating the things we own, to see if they still work for us. It can lead to simplifying and focusing on what we really need. Also, it’s a fun creative project to use things in new ways!

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