The Language of Roses – what each colour means

Is your Valentine sending you a secret message in roses? Here’s how to decode the language of roses and what each colour means.

The language of roses

Back in Victorian times, people would send messages to each other based on the colours and different flowers they sent. Although most people don’t do this anymore, it’s good to know those old-fashioned meanings! Any florist should be able to help you send the right message. When I owned a florist shop, I would always make sure that the sender was aware of the meanings, just in case the recipient knew how to decode their flowers!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to learn how to decode the meaning of the different colours of roses.

Red rose
Red – love; beauty

Pale pink – grace; happiness; femininity; elegance
Deep pink rose
Deep pink – gratitude; appreciation; thank you
Orange rose
Orange – enthusiasm; desire; passion
Peach rose
Peach – appreciation; sincerity; gratitude
Pale peach rose
Pale peach – modesty
Coral rose
Coral – desire
Yellow rose
Yellow – friendship; get well; infidelity
White rose
White – humility; purity; innocence; sympathy
Purple rose
Purple – enchantment; desire; love at first sight
White rose with red tips – unity

This meaning can also be conveyed with individual red and white roses combined in an arrangement.

You might want to share this post with your sweetheart so they can be sure to send you the right message!

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