Uncommon Gifts for Serious Gardeners

Buying uncommon gifts for serious gardeners is hard – especially if you aren’t into gardening yourself. Being an experienced gardener myself, I pulled together a list of uncommon gifts to fit any budget, and gifts that are sure to be loved and used every season. Hint: we don’t need cutesy fabric gardening gloves or another trowel.

Here's a list of uncommon gifts to fit any budget, and gifts that are sure to be loved and used every season.

Here are 12 uncommon gifts to get the serious gardener:

1. Aerogarden

Experienced gardeners will want to start seeds indoors to get a jump on the season, and an Aerogarden is perfect for that! The one I linked to comes with everything needed to start an herb garden, and can be used every season by adding new peat plugs and seeds. The Aerogarden pictured above is one I have had for over 6 years! To see my Aerogarden in action, read Starting Seeds Indoors. Bonus – houseplants grouped nearby get the benefit of the grow lights, which they need during the winter.

2. Garden Hose Watering Wand

 A 36″ long watering wand with 9 different patterns is so useful in the garden! A fine mist is needed for tender seedlings, while a gentle shower pattern is needed later on in the season. A quick turn of the dial on the nozzle changes the watering pattern, and the wand fits any garden hose. The long wand handle makes it perfect for hanging baskets and hard to reach plants.

3. Suede Gardening Gloves

Every serious gardener has a pile of gloves for weeding and general gardening chores, but a pair of suede gloves are necessary when working with roses, raspberry bushes, and any thorny plants. A pair of suede gloves like these will last for years, and keep hands protected from painful thorns. A gardener will kick ass and take names when wearing these babies!

4. Pruning Shears

Every experienced gardener needs a good pair of pruning shears! When it comes to cutting tools, Fiskars is the brand I turn to. (nah, they don’t pay me to say that – I am just a fan, and all my sewing shears and pruners are Fiskars.) These are sturdy, yet small enough to fit into a back pocket.

5. Bonsai Shears

Every time I go out to the garden, my trusty pair of bonsai shears are in my back pocket. I use them for quick pruning jobs, snipping herbs, cutting flowers for making arrangements and picking vegetables such as eggplant, squash and peppers. Some veggies are a little tough to pick without doing harm to the plant, so bonsai shears come in handy! As you can see in the photo above, I’ve painted the handles of my bonsai shears with some orange nail polish. The shears are the same colour as the soil, and every time I put them down, I can’t find them, so the orange handles solved that problem! You could add a bottle of orange nail polish to your gift, and look like a genius when you explain what to use it for.   😉

6. Compost Bin

This compost bin is the best thing EVER! I have one just like the one pictured below, and I’ve had it for at least 20 years. When empty, it’s light and easy to move around to an ideal location. The top is secured by two easy-to-turn locks, which is great for keeping pesky raccoons out of the bin. Mine is at the edge of the vegetable garden, but still close enough to the house so I can dump kitchen scraps in it after cooking. Bonus – it’s made from recycled plastic.

7. Mini Greenhouse

An easy-to-assemble and disassemble mini greenhouse would be a gift any serious gardener would love. Here’s mine – stationed in the sun right by my back door. I use it for starting seeds once it gets warm out, storing seedlings until the garden is ready, and like in the photo above – a place to stash plants I bought from the nursery until I am ready to plant them. Once it gets warm enough to put plants directly into the garden, the whole greenhouse disassembles quickly, and I keep all the parts in a 5-gallon bucket in the garage – ready to grab the following spring.

8. WORX JawSaw

O.M.G. this thing is the best invention ever! I borrow my cousin’s JawSaw for trimming saplings and branches that are too big for the pruning shears, and I can’t believe how great this thing is. It’s easier and lighter than a chain saw, but still has enough power to cut a sapling down. It weighs about 8 lbs., so overhead cutting is easy. Coolest – and probably the most uncommon – gardening gift ever!

9. Florist Knife and Sharpening Stone

For flower gardeners, a florist knife and sharpening stone makes a great gift! When making floral arrangements, stems should always be cut on an angle, and with a knife – NOT scissors. (I say that from years of experience as a floral designer and owner of a florist shop.) Finding one that has the right blade length and perfectly balanced handle isn’t easy, so I took the guesswork out of it for you. This one is perfect. And to keep it sharp, the best thing is an old-fashioned wet stone. Bonus – the wet stone is great for keeping pruning shears, bonsai shears and kitchen knives sharp too!

10. 3-Prong Cultivator

Weeding the garden is back-breaking work, but a long-handled, 3-prong cultivator makes the job so much easier! A few scratches on the soil pulls out weeds (as long as they are still small), and saves all that bending over and/or kneeling in the dirt.

11. Wooden Garden Trug

Pretty AND functional! A garden trug is ideal for harvesting vegetables, herbs or for gathering flowers to bring indoors. Wood makes it so much sturdier than a basket, and a lot prettier than an old 5-gallon bucket.

12. Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow

For the serious gardener! The one who moves around a pickup truck full of cow poop manure, bales of peat moss, new fruit trees to plant and shrubs that come in 5-gallon pots. Ya gotta have a serious wheelbarrow to do those jobs! The dual front wheels give the wheelbarrow stability when moving heavy and awkward stuff. These aren’t cheap, but should last a lifetime – and then some.

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  • Florence

    Hi Donna!
    Landing here from Blogging Fifty. Your post got my attention b/c I’m a gardener too. I would LOVE any one of these gifts, but especially the Aerogarden, watering wand, pruning shears, or compost bin. I can’t tell you how many times the pruning shears get left outside somewhere & we might find them years later completely rusty. Totally agree with you that I don’t need another trowel or pair of gardening gloves…heehee. Remember one year my mother got a pair of gardening gloves with a fake ring attached to a finger b/c she was a gardener. Of course, it was a joke, but serious person that she was, she would rather have had a “serious” gift. Enjoyed your post! Shared on FB.

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